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ALMA MATER PROJECTS: For the past few years, Alsoc was engaged in contributing in its humble way to its Alma Mater. Some of the jobs Alsoc had already completed were (a) Renovation of Fr. Prefects room; (b) Staff rooms; (c) Sr. school toilets; (d) Computerization; (e) Library with new books and binding of old books; (e) Primary Section ground; (f) A.V. Rooms (g) Renovation of Rooms and Roof of Class IV quarters including repair of interiors; (h) the Lawns of the Primary school had also been replanted with fresh grass and (i) Toilets of the Primary Section including the Gents’ toilets had been completely renovated (j)The Renovation of the Prefect’s Room of the Primary Section under the supervision of Mr. Sanjay Bajoria, which resulted in more space and (k) had also contributed to the school to purchase equipment for Fire Safety measures. As a part of our Alma Mater Projects, Alsoc has installed a passenger elevator at the senior school premises for Rev. Fathers, Teachers, Students and Staff of school. We hope to begin work on the construction of 12 additional classrooms in the Primary School.

BAGI SCHOOL PROJECT: We continue to provide financial support to Bagi Pouribala Bar Pravabati Mondal Balika Vidyalaya (Bagi School) situated in a remote village in 24-Parganas (South) which is dominated by scheduled castes/tribes with the main object of spreading education for the girl child outside the city limits. Rev. Fr. A. Bruylants, President Emeritus of Alsoc had recommended the project and inspired us to spread our wings and look beyond our portals for this noble work. Alsoc had planned a roadmap to change the entire environment of the school and are happy to inform that the new building project has been completed. This Bagi School has become a role model to other Jesuit alumni institutions.

The Irish Student Exchange Programme began in 1995. This year too, a group of 15 boys led by teachers MR. Rohan Francis and Mr. Sudip Chatterjee visited Belvedere College, Dublin in 7th May 2012. A Bon Voyage programme was organized by Convener Mr. Shankar Lal Singhal at Xavier Hall.
Reciprocally 15 students and 3 teachers from Belvedere College, Dublin visited Kolkata from 18th November, 2012 to 1st December, 2012. They were warmly welcomed through an Inauguration Programme conducted by the students and teachers of our School.

ALSOC had organized a sightseeing tour for the group and a farewell function, convened by Mr. Shankar Lal Singhal at Xavier Hall. Apart from our Reverend Fathers from our GB the Irish delegates, students and parents of the next batch picked for Dublin next, and a host of ALSOC members, with spouse, attended. The evening featured Indian musical performance by Dr. Basu, song and music performances by students of both schools. Mementoes were exchanged and dinner was served.

Chinese Exchange Programme was started in 2010, the delegates from Shida Fuzong School, Kunming, China arrived at St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata for the Student Exchange Programme. The delegates included students, teachers and the Vice-Principal of the School. They were warmly welcomed on 17th November, 2012 through an inaugural programme at Xavier Hall under the leadership of Mr. Shankar Lal Singhal, The entertainment programme included live band performance, followed by a dinner at the school gym. The delegates went around the city, attended classes in our School, went to Science City, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Indian Museum, Launch ride to Belur Matt and Shantiniketan. The farewell programme was held on 24th November, 2012 hosted by ALSOC at the gym with an entertainment programme and dinner. In this programme also present were Fr. George Ponodath S.J., Rector, Fr. Benny Thomas S.J., Principal, Fr. Boris D’Santos S.J., Fr. Peter Arockiam S.J., Vice Principal, other Reverend Fathers, The Vice- Principal, teachers and students of Shida Fuzong School were also present.