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History of School

ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGIATE SCHOOL was established on 16th January 1860.
SXC was founded by a small group of Jesuit Fathers under the leadership of Fr. H. Depelchin.
On Inaugural day of St. Xavier’s School with 83 students.

In 1861 St. Xavier’s School announced that Thursday declared the weekly holiday.

In 1869 J.C. Bose joined St. Xavier’s School.

In 1875 Rabindranath Tagore, his brother Surendranath Tagore and nephew Satyaprasad joined preparatory Entrance class. Rabindranath was 14 years old. He studied till April 1876.

On 1st September, 1886 it was announced that an Association of ex-students of SXC was to be established. One of the purposes was to collect money for the poor students.

In 1900 Norman Pritchard, an ex-student won two silver medals at the Paris Olympics.

In 1904 Fr. Edward O’Neill is appointed Rector of SXC. He was the first student of SXC to become its Rector. He launched the annual magazine called “THE XAVERIAN”

In 1910 St. Xavier’s Jubilee Year

In 1920 St. Xavier’s Collegiate School Scouts & Cubs starts

In 1925, August 13, Gandhiji comes to St. Xavier’s to preside over a function on September 16, King Albert and Queen Elizabeth of Belgium visit St. Xavier’s. They were pleased to know that 200 Belgians are working in the Bengal Mission.

In 1927 when there was question of starting a new the old boys’ association – the ever-dying and never dead association – the leaders of the movement kept saying: “get Rabindranath to top the list of old boys and every Xaverian will join up”.

In 1929 Nationalistic feelings tended to flare up every now and then. Rector’s day speech by one of the students gave rise to such a flare up. A strike was called in which 150 students took TC. Microphones and loudspeakers enter the campus for the first time. St. Xavier’s Old Boys’ Association was founded.

In Uttarayana the poet gave to the secretary his signed photo and with tears in his eyes, broke into the words he had dedicated in his memoirs to Father A.de Penaranda, his ideal teacher…….

1932: The ST. XAVIER’S SCHOOL OLD BOYS’ ASSOCIATION first started in 1932 by Rabindranath Tagore.

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