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Alumnorum Societas (St. Xavier's School Old Boys' Association), or Alsoc as it is more popularly known, was registered under the Societies Registration Act in 1978-79. It is recognized as a non-profit organization under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Alsoc is given its direction by a Governing Body comprising of at least 5 Jesuit Priests. It has over the past 33 years supported the School by taking up infrastructural projects and upgrading facilities in the school. In Vision 2020 as envisaged...

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The guidance, inspiration and mentorship of the departed souls of various Rev. Fathers who had built, shaped and guided Alsoc is remembered on Alsoc Day...

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Sponsor a boy scheme

The 'Sponsor a boy Scheme' was started on 5th March, 1989 and is being successfully run since then...