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Titli : A child to child project

In 1995 the students of Class 6 and 7 of St. Xaviers School had done a pilot project in social justice education initiated by ILO and had undergone a year long sensitsation about the issue of child labour. At the end of the project the students approached the headmaster and asked – could the do something about child labour rather than study or listen or make posters about it ?

Father Bruylants, the then headmaster was only too happy to comply. So a project was initiated by the school named Titli (Butterflies) for boys of neighborhood slums.

ALSOC helps financially by contributing money to this worthy cause, organizes excursions, an electronic center, books. ALSOC first contributed towards this cause in 1998. The good work has continued since. From current year, 2011, Titli has been renamed St. Xavier’s Evening School.